The Do's & Don'ts when Buying RV Parts!

Sep 23, 2022 Randall Boggs Comments Disabled
The Dos  Donts when Buying RV Parts

We talk a LOT about what you should be watching for when you buy a camper or RV, where to buy from, and why one model or brand is better than another. What we hardly ever talk about are the parts for that beautiful adventure giver! Take it from me, a “cheaper is always better” kind of guy, there is a lot to know and avoid when buying RV and camper parts. 

Let’s talk briefly about new parts. My friends, it is the same as buying off-brand toilet paper or cotton swabs… You just shouldn't do it. Why? Just like most other off brand items, off-brand rv parts are usually made with lower quality materials and built with less accuracy. Sure, you might skate by with an off brand vent cover, or something small, but when it comes to the items that matter, trust the brands that are known for building them like Camco, Dometic, & Furrion. Not only are the warranties with these items better, but do you really want to bring it in again once your off-brand part breaks? 

What about used RV parts? This may seem like a very affordable option rather than buying new parts for your camper. You may find that in the long run, you will end up spending more than if you had just purchased the new parts in the first place. Why? Well, if you are looking online through Ebay or an RV Surplus and salvage used RV parts store, you are going to find some seemingly great deals. But remember, these are USED RV Parts for sale. To put it in perspective, when you buy a used car, you look at the value of the car, you ask for the history of the vehicle, and if it had been in any major accidents. Now why wouldn't you do the same when buying used RV parts? Because its not available! There is no way for you to know how long that part has been used, how it has been used, or who used it. SO how do you know that the air conditioner that you just purchased wasn't run over and over. Maybe the person selling the item is selling it because it doesn't work. 

Most of the time, when you purchase used, there are not many guarantees of service. Sometimes there is no guarantee and if there is, there are ways the company you purchased from can subvert the system. Maybe the Salvage Used RV Parts say that there is a guarantee on all used parts! (Except the salvage ones…) This is an easy way for them to sell parts that may or may not work and not guarantee refund if you have issues down the road.

Do you want to be safe when you buy parts for your RV? Of course! How do you do this? Talk with your local dealer. This is the best way to guarantee that you are going to get the right parts, at an affordable price, and with all the manufacturer warranties that are promised with that part. Dealerships are also held to a higher standard because they serve customers face to face. Not only will you be provided with better service, but you can also talk directly with a human being rather than being put on hold just to talk to another robot and leave a message. At the end of the day, it is your pocket book and your stress level that you need to protect. You can ensure both are safe and manageable when buying new, quality parts from a reputable dealer.