Have you heard?  #LEADisDEAD

OK well, not completely dead... but the advantages of lithium are glaring.

If you are willing to look past the larger upfront investment, lithium batteries can provide a much lower total cost of ownership and are often times the last battery that your camper will ever need.

Lithium can charge quicker, getting more usable power out of a solar array, or recharging the batteries with a generator is a much shorter time.

Lithium can also discharge quicker, supporting larger inverter/chargers without needing several hundred to thousands of pounds of batteries.

Lead acid batteries can be damaged when discharging below 50% of their rated capacity - with lithium, you can use all of the capacity you paid for!

We proudly stock and install LiFePO4 batteries from Battleborn and Enduro Power.  They are American companies with an honest 10 year warranty.  We also have expirience with other brands such as SOK, Chins, Zooms, AmperTime, Lion Energy, Dakota Lithium and RELiON.