An RV with Solar Panel Upgrades

RV Solar Panel Installation and Upgrades

If you want to truly camp off-grid or just extend the weekend and make sure the refrigerator stays running, we can help you out! 

Adding solar panels to a camper is a simple and reliable way to power key systems, no matter where you go. We design plans for a solar-powered camper that meets your needs. Then, we install a system you can count on for years to come. 

We are a proud retailer, installer, and system designer for Victron components as well as Battleborn Batteries/Dragonfly Energy. We also offer Renogy and Rich Solar system design, components, and installation. Let our experienced team guide you to the perfect rv solar panel installation solution that will grow with your needs!

Camper Solar Panels and Installation for Every Situation

Our upfit team is exclusively comprised of RVTI-certified RV technicians. Our experienced RV solar installers can help you achieve your individual goals, because our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible while providing quick, quality work. 

Do you want a robust off-grid upfit, including a solar generator for your camper? We’ll build out the plans and install the system. 

Looking for something more modest? Maybe you just want to keep your refrigerator powered when you can’t get to an external power hookup? We can make that happen, too. Solar panels for travel trailers, fifth wheels, and more are all available.

RV Solar Panel Kits, Installation, and Upfits for New Vehicles

Many new campers come from the factory with solar panels already installed. That’s a good start,, but often times the complete system is too small to handle your growing electrical needs, especially if you are working remotely and living the van life!  

We can help explain how everything works and what to expect, helping you make an informed choice. We’re always ready to discuss and design a complete turn-key system to keep your batteries charged and the good times rolling!

We are proud to be a Victron Dealer and happily sell and support their products.  If you are looking for any Victron components, give us a call to get you the right parts for your project!  If you prefer to DIY, we have partnered with InvertersRus to offer a referral link so we can receive a small incentive for offering our expert design and support services.  If you plan to purchase online - it would be greatly appreciated to order you products through this link.

Count on Us for Solar Panel Installation on Your RV

Solar panels and electrical systems can be complex and confusing, we get it! That’s why we make it easy to count on our expert technicians. Solar energy is one of the few things you can count on as a power source. It’s available whether you’re going fully off-grid or just looking for some supplemental power.

You can count on us when it comes to installing solar panels on an RV, designing a resilient electrical system and servicing your RV or camper. We can make the necessary adjustments to customize a solar panel system to work for you - just one of the benefits of getting your RV upgraded from Greeneway RV! 

More than that, our Blue-Ribbon-ranked family RV business is truly here to help in any way we can every step of the way when it comes to upfitting your RV in any way.

Ready for RV solar panel installation? Let’s talk, call to make your appointment!