RV Repair and Service You Can Depend On

An RV is a big investment and you want to make sure your investment is taken care of. In addition to actually choosing the RV, you have to think about questions like “Where can I find high-quality maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to help me make the most of my new or used RV?” It’s best to think about these questions before you head into the deal, so you know what's covered!

Our Greeneway RV family believes in providing the best possible RV service. For over 60 years we’ve been committed to helping you protect and enjoy the investment you made. That’s true whether it’s a camper, fifth-wheel trailer, motorhome, toy hauler, or travel trailer.

We welcome our new and long-term customers, as well as all other RV owners in need of upgrade or repair services. If you want or need work done on your vehicle, our team of RV Technical Institute (RVTI) Certified Technicians are ready and waiting. Our experienced team knows how to perform proper maintenance and repairs for every job from manufacturers like Grand Design to Flagstaff and everything in between.

Service and Repair at Greeneway RV: What Can We Do for You?

RV’s provide a lot of conveniences and sometimes those appliances and features need repairs. We offer a full range of services at our RV maintenance and repair center. A few of our most sight after RV repair services include:

RV Air Conditioner Repair

A properly functioning AC unit can make your RV an oasis during the warmest and muggiest times of the year. That makes RV AC repair an especially high priority for many owners. Visit us to get your AC back up and running at full efficiency!

RV Refrigerator Repair

Your RV fridge makes it convenient to bring all sorts of perishable food on every trip and avoid the high costs of eating out. We’ll diagnose and troubleshoot your RV refrigerator issues, putting you back on the road toward your next adventure.

RV Roof Repair

You love the great outdoors, but you have an RV so you don’t have to deal with inclement weather! We know protection from the elements is one of the biggest benefits of an RV. Keep your roof in tip-top shape with dependable rv roof repair and maintenance service from our team!

Supporting Every Customer

The benefits of service at Greeneway RV don’t stop with skilled technicians and a commitment to quality service. We’re proud to help you by:

  • Working with your insurance company to repair covered items.
  • Maximizing your warranty coverage so necessary repairs are stress-free.
  • Completing pre-trip Inspections, including a safety and systems check, before you head out on the road.
  • Offering mobile repair service anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Providing a variety of RV storage packages during off season, giving you safety and convenience when you're not on vacation.

Why is RVTI Certification Important for a Technician?

You want knowledgeable and skilled technicians staffing the service center where your RV is repaired and maintained — and so do we! By providing only the highest quality service, we are all happy after an appointment.

To make sure you’re satisfied with the work done on your vehicle, we staff our RV repair shop with RVTI Certified Technicians. This is the only credential recognized across the industry and guarantees quality in all service and repairs.

We’re happy to share that we have the most RVTI Certified Technicians under a single roof in Wisconsin! That’s hundreds of years of collective experience to help troubleshoot and maintain RVs.

When you visit our RV service center, you can always count on a knowledgeable professional to perform affordable RV repairs.

RV Repair and Service: Contacts and Appointments

Please email or call one of certified repair team leaders with any questions regarding your repair or to make an appointment.

Transient Policy: We treat transient customers just like our own. Service scheduling is first come, first served. However, breakdowns that affect safety or prevent you from camping while on a trip will get top priority.

Want to schedule an appointment? Get in touch with one of our staff members listed above or reach out for RV repair and service at 715-325-5170!