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Interested in Financing an RV? You’re in the Right Place

At Greeneway RV, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and support. That starts with the first time you visit our showroom or website and continues for the life of your RV.

We focus on more than just making a sale. We want your purchase to be affordable — to fit into your lifestyle and budget so that you can truly enjoy it. We’re proud to offer you RV financing when you buy an RV, new or used, from our lot.

You’ll find manageable interest rates, up-front terms and conditions, and plenty of other benefits if you choose to finance your RV through us.

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New and Used RV Financing in Wisconsin: Finding the Best RV Loans

If you finance your RV, you’re not alone. About 70% of all recreational vehicle owners take out a loan, whether it’s for a travel trailer, motorhome, fifth wheel, or another type of RV.

We know an RV is a major purchase, one of the largest many owners make besides their homes. That’s why we’re committed to making financing as easy as possible for you.

We work with a variety of lenders, many of whom are locally based, to help you finance your camper, motorhome, travel trailer, or other RV. What is that important? 

Having more options can help you find a lower RV loan rate or more agreeable loan terms. It also can help you receive a lending decision more quickly. We’re proud to offer low and no down payment options, as well as interest rates as low as 6.99% for qualified borrowers.

North Shore Bank is our premier lender and a recognized leader in financing RVs. Key advantages of working with North Shore Bank include:

  • No application fee
  • Short-term and long-term financing options (6 months to 240 months)
  • The most competitive RV financing rates in the industry
  • No annual fees
  • Automatic bank transfers set up with your local bank
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Fast turn-around: Many times, we can have a lending decision to you within an hour

Do You Offer RV In-House Financing?

While we aren’t an in-house financing RV dealer, we do connect you with several trusted and respected lenders that offer RV loans. As we pointed out above, that means more opportunities to find a great RV financing rate. Our focus is always on making financing as easy as possible for you.

Use Our RV Financing Calculator

All the numbers and hypotheticals involved in your decision to finance your RV can make the process feel confusing. Our RV loan calculator helps you get a better handle on the most important figures for any financing agreement: your monthly payment.

Whether you’re close to purchasing your next RV or just starting out, our calculator offers some valuable insight. All you have to do is add the price, down payment, interest rate, and number of payments (i.e. the number of months in your financing agreement).

Have more questions about financing your RV with us? Give us a call at 715-325-5170 we’re happy to help!

  • Low and No Down Payment Options Available!

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