DC to DC Charger for Camper Trailers, Motorhomes, and RVs

Lithium batteries offer so many valuable benefits for your recreational vehicle. These batteries are by no means new in general. However, they’ve only recently become popular for motorhomes, camper trailers, and other RVs and for good reason.

Why Choose Lithium Batteries for your RV?

In a 1:1 comparison to a lead acid battery of the same size, there’s no question. Lithium batteries come out on top. Every time. 

Lithium batteries can store more energy than traditional RV batteries. That means you can afford more time between charge cycles. Just as importantly, they offer current more consistently and for a longer period of time than lead acid batteries.

Lithium batteries are lighter, too. While they cost more than lead batteries, they have much better longevity. When you look at a lithium battery as a long-term investment, it simply makes sense.

However, lithium batteries won’t work correctly in many existing RVs without a DC to DC charger. It’s unavoidable — we’ll explain why in more detail in the next section.

At Greeneway RV, our goal is to deliver the best possible experience for every single one of our customers. That commitment doesn’t stop when you purchase a new or used RV and leave our lot. 

We’re happy to help! Get in touch with us to schedule the installation of a DC to DC charger for your RV.

Charge Your Lithium Batteries Exactly as the Manufacturer Intended

Do you have a motorhome that charges the house batteries while the engine is running? If so, dropping in lithium batteries is not as straightforward as you may hope. You can’t simply swap out lead batteries for lithium ones.

Lithium is exceptional when it comes to accepting a charge. With the right equipment, it’s a reliable solution and a major improvement over traditional house batteries. That’s why we carry the best DC to DC chargers for camper trailers. And why only our team of RVTI-certified Technicians complete the work for our customers.

However, the alternator and factory wiring can easily be overwhelmed when lithium batteries are simply dropped into your RV. This could cause anything from premature failure of the charging system, all the way to a fire!

When we install a DC-DC charger, it allows a regulated, safe amount of charging current. This system intelligently charges your lithium batteries.  In most cases, we are even able to retain the factory boost switch. That means you can continue to jump-start your engine from the house batteries!

Even if you don’t have lithium batteries, a DC to DC charger is still a net benefit. You can more reliably charge your vehicle. And, if you ever choose to make the move to lithium, you’ll be ready for a simple change.

Let Us Help You Upfit Your RV!

From adding LED lights or a battery bank to installing heavier-duty water pumps and AGM batteries, our RVTI-certified technicians can help with all your RV electrical upgrades and RV upfit needs.

Our expert team is just one of the benefits of getting your DC to DC Charger from Greeneway RV! More than that, our Blue-Ribbon-ranked family RV business is truly here to help in any way we can every step of the way when it comes to upfitting your RV in any way, including adding a DC to DC charger.

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