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Keep Your Camper Critter-Free with MouseFree at Greeneway RV!

Here at Greeneway RV, we know how important it is to protect your investment. That's why we're excited to offer MouseFree, a revolutionary undercarriage coating that repels rodents and insects from your RV.

Say Goodbye to Pesky Pests

Mice and other critters can wreak havoc on your camper, chewing wires, nesting in upholstery, and leaving behind unpleasant messes. MouseFree provides a simple and effective solution. This non-toxic, pet-friendly product creates a barrier that deters unwanted visitors from entering your RV in the first place.

Two Levels of Protection to Choose From

MouseFree comes in two levels to fit your needs:

  • The Standard MouseFree offers one year of damage coverage up to $500. This is a perfect option for those who want peace of mind knowing their RV is protected.
  • MouseFree Pro provides a thicker coating and boasts an extended five-year warranty with up to $2500 in coverage for rodent-related damage. This premium option is ideal for long-term protection and added security.

Convenience You Can Count On

The best part? MouseFree can be applied quickly and easily, either at the time of your RV purchase or on-site at your convenience. Our friendly staff will handle the entire process, ensuring your camper is protected before you hit the road.

Don't let unwanted critters put a damper on your RV adventures. Visit Greeneway RV today and ask Cole Pearson, our Business Manager, about MouseFree. Keep your camper critter-free and enjoy years of worry-free RVing!


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