The 5 Best Bunkhouses on the Mark Right Now

Jan 11, 2023 Randall Boggs Comments Disabled
The 5 Best Bunkhouses on the Mark Right Now

There are 2 major opinions when it comes to purchasing an RV. Bunkhouse or no Bunkhouse. Usually, people end up on one side or the other of this decision. Well, for the ones who are on the “No Bunkhouse” side, this article is not for you. We are going to get down and dirty with what makes a great bunkhouse and why. Let’s get started.


2023 Flagstaff Classic 832BWS ($$$)

What makes a bunkhouse a true bunkhouse is the separation between the main living area of the camper and the room that has bunks in it. Think of it like a second bedroom.

This model is one that cannot be overlooked. With a full living space, opposing slides, and ample storage paired with a massive bunkhouse, this luxury camper from a quality brand will keep your family happy for many years.

In the bunkhouse you can expect full 6-foot bunks and a couch that converts for the extra sleeping space. Pair that with a TV area and this just became your second den, playroom, and hideaway from your little ones if they ever became just a little too much. I know how it goes.

Have you ever been out camping and you have to sneak around when you wanted to go to bed so you wouldn’t wake them up? This allows you the freedom at night with a door between you and you lovely little angels or the guests that are staying with you.

Finally, when it is time for you to lay your head down, you can rest easy on a comfy queen bed or option for the massive king! Your bedroom has room to move around and a large closet to store everything you want to bring with you. Like I said, a camper that is not to be overlooked!


2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor 297QB ($)

Let’s say that you want a place for everyone to sleep, but you don’t want to break the bank either. This one will do just that. Outside of being a fan favorite in the Grand Design community this large bunkhouse is a top seller at Greeneway RV and a contender for best ½ ton towable bunkhouse travel trailer.

Walking into this beautifully designed RV you will experience a spacious living and kitchen area with room to sleep a few guests with the convertible sofa and booth dinette. If you don’t need the sofa for extra sleeping space, you can option for the theatre seating for better comfort as well.

When you walk towards the back of this trailer you will find a room with massive bunks and even a full sized bed on the bottom. This in not just a single-family camper folks. Your family of 5 can bring another family of 5 along camping with this family fun center on wheels! Of course, you still get a nice sized closet and tv mounting area in the bunkhouse for all the entertaining needs.

Lastly, feel free to move comfortably in your master bedroom with 2 closets and a comfy queen.


2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor 321BH ($)

In the same family as the last one, you can take a step up and continue to pinch pennies. This nicely appointed trailer is laying down the law. The law of 2 that is…

Walk in one of 2 doors, either the master suite for sneaky in and out access, or the main living area for easy of entry. Let’s start with the master suite. Yes, suite. This large bedroom has private entry to the main bathroom. Not walking through the camper, around kids, knocking over pans, and tiptoeing over army men, this bathroom is a short 2 steps from your bed! And don’t worry about storage for your clothes with the 2 closets in your bedroom.

When you enter the main living, you will see 2 seating areas, a dinette and a theatre seat with 2 comfortable recliners. Across from you relaxation stations, there is a large tv and pantry aside a fridge and even a pet drawer design with 2 bowls for your furry friend.

Walk to the rear of the RV to find a door leading to a crazy cozy bunkroom consisting of 4 large bunks and a second bathroom… Yes, a second bathroom. Remember? Laying down the LAW! No more waiting for someone to get out while you do the happy dance outside the door, bathroom number 2 is equipped with a toilet and sink to make it easy to have many people tagging along on your next adventure.


2023 Grand Design Imagine 3210BH ($$)

If you thought that you should just stop at the last camper, I would understand it, but remember, we have 2 more to go and this next one has something to offer that you haven’t seen before.

Have you ever been sitting inside a camper hanging out, watching tv with friends or family and there just isn’t enough sitting spaces? Problem solved. This camper has all the entertaining space you can ask for with 2 large theatre seating in a row across from the tv. Sit down, recline, relax everyone. And yes, I mean everyone. Not only do you have the 4 theatre seating, but under the TV you still have your convertible booth dinette. You didn’t give up anything that you would normally have in your camper my friends!

Walking to the back of this camper you can find a large bunkhouse with 4 large bunks and a tv mounting station. What more might you find? A half-sized door coming straight out the back? Why would that be useful? Well, let me tell you, this little door is multi-use. First, it is an additional safety door for easy escape in the case of an emergency, but furthermore the storage. This door is directly in line with the bunkhouse door, meaning you can fit some extremely long items in here! Have you wanted to bring along a kayak or two for your trip but have no where to put them?! Slide them in! What about your fishing poles? Don’t want them crushed under the 9 million other items you are stashing in the storage compartment for your trip? Slide them in!


2023 Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS ($$$)

There is nothing like having something the functions, but also have the class and elegance of your large fifth wheel market. This quality camper will certainly WOW you with the curb appeal, blow you away with the functionality, and give you goosebumps with the comfort.

Start with a large island between 2 opposing slides between the kitchen and living room. Warm you finger and toes with a large fireplace below a 40” tv within the entertainment center. The eye appeal of this beauty is going to turn heads with the solid core counters and large stainless refrigerator.

Continue into the bunkroom with equipped with a full closet, sofa-sleeper, and entertainment center. Floor space that makes this bunk room feel like a living room and full bedroom will keep your kids occupied and your guests comfortable.

If you make your way to the bedroom, you can find your standard bedside closets with the addition of a very large wardrobe in the front corner of the room. This paired nicely with a comfy queen will make you feeling at home in no time.


If you are ever interested in these top bunkhouse models, they are sold by your family owned and operated RV dealer in Wisconsin Rapids, Greeneway RV.