Pre-Owned Travel Trailer Campers For Sale

Travel Trailers for Sale in Wisconsin

Looking to purchase your very first travel trailer? Or maybe you’re seeking out a new toy hauler travel trailer to replace your old one?

Whether it’s your first time buying a travel trailer or you’ve already hauled one for many thousands of miles, Greeneway RV will help you find one that meets and exceeds your needs.

We offer a wide selection of new and used travel trailers for sale, making it easier for you to find the right model. You can find all of our RV travel trailer inventory right here, with regular updates to make sure you only see in-stock models.

Want to see our travel trailers and campers up close? Visit our comfortable, climate-controlled showroom in Wisconsin Rapids!


Travel Trailers for Sale: Why Should I Buy One?

Travel trailers are one of many types of RV on the market, and all RVs offer a chance to head out on the road. An RV is your ticket to traveling from coast to coast (or just to a nearby campsite!), enjoying nature, and experiencing the great expanse of our nation and continent.

Travel trailers offer some amenities and advantages that are hard to ignore because they’re towable RVs. Affordability is always important, and a travel trailer can be much less expensive than a comparable motorhome.

You can even find a small travel trailer for sale, towable by a sedan or similar automobile. While our inventory generally requires a larger towing vehicle, we sometimes stock these smaller options as well. And you can always ask us to make an order.

Consider the flexibility that comes with a detachable travel trailer. You don’t always have to separate your towing vehicle from your travel trailer, but the option is certainly nice to have. It’s a lot easier to head into a nearby town or take a day trip while camping with your truck as compared to a full-sized RV.

The many manufacturers and models of travel trailers on the market are also a major advantage. Between new and used models, you can find the right mix of amenities and price. At Greeneway RV, we stock towable RVs from a variety of manufacturers, including Grand Design, Forest River, Jayco Jay Flight, and many more,


An RV Dealership, Service Provider, and Long-Term Partner

The friendly staff at Greeneway RV is here to help you across the lifespan of your vehicle. We’re proud to stock a wide variety of travel trailers for sale, but that’s just one part of the much larger service we provide.

We’ll help you pick the best travel trailer, then have one of our RVTI-certified technicians prepare it for you and provide an orientation. Our technicians are here to offer planned service, unexpected repairs, and vehicle upgrades, too. They’re happy to see you drive up to our service center, but they’ll travel anywhere in Wisconsin if you need assistance with your travel trailer.

Make your dream of owning a towable RV a reality: Check out all of our travel trailers for sale right here!

IN STOCK  LEN : 18ft 6in   UVW : 2,825 lbs
List Price $10,800
IN STOCK  LEN : 24ft 8in   UVW : 4,512 lbs
List Price $16,800
IN STOCK  LEN : 20ft 8in   UVW : 3,320 lbs
List Price $12,950
IN STOCK  LEN : 30ft 11in   UVW : 5,435 lbs
List Price $21,200
IN STOCK  LEN : 29ft 6in   UVW : 5,779 lbs
List Price $21,950
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 30ft 8in   UVW : 5,022 lbs
List Price $17,500
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 21ft 11in   UVW : 3,233 lbs
List Price $19,500
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 28ft 9in   UVW : 5,502 lbs
List Price $32,000
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 35ft 2in   UVW : 7,610 lbs
List Price $36,500
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 33ft 11in   UVW : 7,643 lbs
List Price $35,800
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 23ft 1in   UVW : 2,847 lbs
List Price $16,750
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 28ft 8in   UVW : 4,913 lbs
List Price $29,650
CERTIFIED PRE OWNED  LEN : 20ft 4in   UVW : 2,979 lbs
List Price $26,800
SALE PENDING  LEN : 22ft 5in   UVW : 2,867 lbs
List Price $6,650
SALE PENDING  LEN : 37ft 11in   UVW : 8,473 lbs
List Price $29,500
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