Storage at Greeneway RV

For a detailed list of packages and to reserve your storage spot, download the pdf HERE.

General Package Pricing

Route 66 members will be given a 10% discount on all packages.

Monthly Storage (Limited Access)
· Cost is $42.00 plus tax
· Once in Once Out - - Once removed, a new contract will be needed for return.

Seasonal Storage Without Winterization (Limited Access)
· Cost is $144.00 plus tax
· Once in Once Out - - Once removed, the unit may not be returned until next season
· September 1st through May 31st

Seasonal Storage With Winterization (Limited Access)
· Cost starts at $199.50 plus tax. Additional winterizing charges may apply.

Annual Storage
· Cost is $280.00 plus tax
· Based on Calendar Year. Can take unit up to 20 times during the year (with at least a 24-hour notice.) If unit is first brought in during the year, we will prorate the cost through the end of the year. Cost $18.38 per month.

Pick Up, Store, Deliver Package
· Cost is $381.50 plus tax
· We will pick up your unit (within a 15-mile radius-generally in "The Lakes" area), store it from September 1st through May 31st (for the storage season) and deliver your unit back in the spring. License plates MUST be up to date for us to pick up and return your trailers.
· We ask for at least two weeks advance notice when you want us to pick up/deliver your unit.

Pick Up, Winterize, Store, Deliver Package
· Cost starts at $437.00 plus tax
· Same as above with winterizing of unit.(within a 15 mile radius/ "The Lakes" area) Additional winterizing charges may apply.

Summerize trailer before delivery or Spring pick up of trailer
· Call for pricing and details.
· Let us know if you want water heater drain plug put in.
· Additional fees may be added for extra miles or additional tech on pick up and deliveries.
· Additional winterizing charge ($10.00 each): wash machine, ice maker, water filter, ext. shower, kitchen, or extras.