We are closed for the Thanksgiving weekend.  We will be back on Monday the 30th at 8am!  Happy Thanksgiving!

The famous Greeneway sign!

We try to spread the joy of the camping lifestyle by offering up some quick witted humor as people are passing by our dealership.  Ever since we built our current facility in 1995, we have consistently put funny sayings on our sign.  Over the years we have received an overwhelming amount of feedback!  We have heard stories of people driving out of their way to see what is on our marquee, and of people that had a rough day and the punch line made it better.

I have been wondering if we are missing the boat and should be posting them online to share with a larger audience.  I took a Facebook survey to see if I should be posting pictures of our sign every time we change it.  I expected a unanimous "YES", but received a couple comments that made me think twice!  A lady said that if I post our sign on Facebook, her mother won’t call her every time she drives past.  Another guy said that he likes the anticipation of wondering what will be on the sign when he drives by.  It is amazing how a simple sign can become so integrated into the community!

If I would post photos of our sign directly to Facebook, I would potentially be forcing those photos on everyone who “likes” our page.  I feel like it would be a shame not to share something so fun and lighthearted in a world that seems to be getting so divided.

This is why I decided to put them on our own website!  Anyone who wants to look at the sign can, and can share it via Facebook right from the posting.  We can spread a ray of sunshine without spoiling the organic reactions.

Happy campers, that's why we do what we do!

Let me know what you think, we all love hearing from you-