Fifth Wheel Campers and RVs for Sale near Wisconsin Rapids, WI

5th Wheel Campers and 5th Wheel RVs for Sale

Looking for fifth-wheel campers for sale?

Greeneway RV has the high-quality brands that you can count on. Whether you’re looking for new or used fifth-wheel RVs (also known as fifth wheel campers) for sale,we only offer those that have the greatest value.

Whatever you like to call them, we have recreational vehicles that can carry you wherever you want to go. From fifth-wheel toy haulers to any other need, we go beyond just sales to offer a lifetime of support and service for all RV types. 

New and Used Fifth Wheels for Sale in Wisconsin

We’ve delighted customers from across the Badger State and beyond for decades. How? By offering a deep inventory of fifth-wheel RVs for sale, along with campers, travel trailers, and more.

Our deep experience in the industry means we know which manufacturers have the best RVs. We make sure to share only the best options with our customers. And that’s only the very first step in the process. We don’t just have the fifth-wheel RV for sale that you want — we prioritize outstanding service and support for the life of your vehicle, too.

Protecting Your Investment: New and Used 5th Wheel Campers for Sale in Wisconsin

When you make a purchase from Greeneway RV, you can count on:

  • A camper fully prepared by an RVTI Certified Technician.
  • A full camper orientation with an RVTI Certified Technician.
  • Certified parts and service staff ready to help you address any issues.
  • Statewide mobile service across Wisconsin, to help you get back on the road and enjoy your RV as soon as possible.

Interested in upgrading your RV? We offer highly qualified solar, lithium, and electrical upfit installation. We can do just about everything, from providing you with your own parts or installing them ourselves to safely storing your RV when it’s not in use.

Top-Notch Technicians for Your 5th Wheel RV

Don’t believe we can handle all of your RV needs? We have the most RVTI Certified Technicians under one roof in the entire state of Wisconsin. If anyone can help you purchase an RV, or troubleshoot or upgrade your existing one, it’s the team at Greeneway RV.

That deep pool of technician experience, along with an expansive inventory of parts, makes our repair process faster and more efficient, too. We quickly and accurately make a diagnosis and complete any needed repairs. We’re proud to say we have far fewer comeback problems than is unfortunately typical in the RV industry.

New and Used 5th Wheel RVs for Sale

At Greeneway RV, our customers are our top priority. Our inventory, service department, parts inventory, and RV upgrade options are all designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Whether this is your first RV or not, you'll find plenty of choices. Find your new fifth-wheel camper or RV below!

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IN STOCK  LEN : 35ft 6in   UVW : 10,838 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 35ft 6in   UVW : 10,838 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 35ft 6in   UVW : 10,838 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 34ft 8in   UVW : 10,721 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 36ft 10in   UVW : 11,377 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 41ft   UVW : 12,552 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 32ft 9in   UVW : 9,854 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 32ft 9in   UVW : 8,995 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 41ft 5in   UVW : 14,562 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 37ft 2in   UVW : 13,320 lbs
IN STOCK  LEN : 34ft 11in   UVW : 12,100 lbs
ON ORDER  LEN : 32ft 9in   UVW : 9,854 lbs
ON ORDER  LEN : 34ft 8in   UVW : 10,721 lbs
ON ORDER  LEN : 36ft 2in   UVW : 9,906 lbs
ON ORDER  LEN : 32ft 9in   UVW : 8,995 lbs
ON ORDER  LEN : 32ft 7in   UVW : 12,334 lbs
ON ORDER  LEN : 41ft 5in   UVW : 14,866 lbs
SALE PENDING  LEN : 36ft 2in   UVW : 9,906 lbs
SALE PENDING  LEN : 30ft 11in   UVW : 8,556 lbs
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